Watch: This Vicks ad about a transgender mother will make you reach for a box of tissues

Advertising done right? Totally.

The advertising world has finally woken up to its own power and Vicks latest advert is but a reiteration of how media is our best bet if we want to change the narrative. The ad traces the life of an adopted daughter and is literally as amazing as amazing gets. Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan (of Masaan fame), the ad is based on the real life story of transgender rights activist, Gauri Sawant’s fight to raise her kid.

Depicted from the daughter’s point of view, the video begins by telling us the story of how Gayatri was adopted; and how in the absence of her birth parents, it was Gauri who took her in. The girl lovingly talks about how she has been given every comfort possible for Gauri, how they spend their Sundays, how they watch films together – and how a mother’s touch is all it takes to heal anything. She tells us how Gauri coaxes her to study hard so that she can become a doctor. As the video draws to an end, we see Gayatri getting dropped off at boarding school and as Gauri walks away with tears in her eyes, Gayatri reveals what she really wants to do.

She’d like to become a lawyer so that she can fight to give her mother the rights Gauri and millions like her, deserve under the Constitution of India.

Not only is this lovely, tear-jerking ad the story of a single mother’s fight to make ends meet in a traditional (and rather orthodox) country, it is also a transgender woman’s fight to raise a family. It is an uphill battle in a society marred by stigma to exist, to be recognised as an equal citizen. Because for all our empty talk we still deny the transgender community basic human rights, if not always legally then as a community.

The best bit about the #TouchOfCare campaign is its subtle way of plugging the product. You’re likely to think of the advert long after it is over despite no in-your-face jingle, or catchy slogans. Shared by Vicks India on its YouTube page a day ago, the ad already has 534,007 views and counting.

Vicks, you totally win this one. Watch:

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