Watch: This woman spoke with every man who harassed her on the streets. Their reaction is truly amazing

Staged or not, this viral video combating harassment is definitely worth a watch

There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who stand up for women when they get harassed, those who quietly watch it happen and rage on social media later, and those who actually do it. There’s no middle ground here. Either you speak up about the issue or you ARE the issue. Women have known since the time they were little kids that to some, their mere existence is provocation enough. That even walking down the street while minding your own business does not stop the comments, the leching, the harassment. That no matter where you are, male entitlement is real. This video tries to explain what happens when you face harassment head on.

It begins with a woman fixing a camera right before she takes a walk along the street. As she walks down the pavement several men offer their version of ‘small talk’ or as we call it – harassment. Normally, women are taught to ‘keep their head down’ and walk on as if nothing untoward is happening. In this video – which is a spoof of all the previously viral social experiments –  the woman takes on her harassers head on much to their chagrin.

With over 2.1 million views, the video has gone viral. Why you ask? Just watch.