Watch: Revealed! How Arnab Goswami came up with the catchphrase 'Nation wants to know'

You've seen Arnab Goswami use the catchphrase "the nation wants to know." Goswami just revealed how he actually came up with the catchphrase

Former Editor-in-chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami who has been away from our television screens for quite some time now is soon going to launch his media venture, Republic TV. One phrase that was synonymous with Arnab Goswami was the line “Nation wants to know”. Goswami has repeated this catchphrase every single time he has petrified a guest in his studio by asking them questions that he some times okay most of the time didn’t let them answer. Either ways, he was regarded as one of the most watched television anchors of all time.

Turn out, there’s a really interesting story behind how he came up with the catchphrase. While speaking to RJs of the Radio City Arnab Goswami revealed that the real story behind “the nation wants to know”.

“I was doing my program and I began to feel that these politicians are not taking what I am saying seriously. They started thinking compared to other editors who were much more senior, I was stepping out of the line and asking too many questions. In order to give legitimacy to what I was saying, I said this is not just Arnab wants to know. While interviewing a politician named Praful Patel who kept dodging the questions, I said the nation wants to know. And it worked. After which I thought why not do it again and again,” Arnab said.

He further explained that in order to make sure that the politicians and viewers take him seriously he made it a regular. He also shared a funny story behind the catchphrase saying that once when he was coming out of a movie, a hawker was trying to sell him a T-shirt that had his picture on it and read as “The nation wants to know”.

Now you know!

Watch the full interview here: