Watch: Pilot episode of new series 'Sex ki Adalat' deals with menstruation and it's on point

The 5-episode series 'Sex Ki Adalat' will deal with male child preference, masturbation, virginity, pornography & menstruation. Watch the first episode here.

A lot has been said recently about menstrual health, hygiene, need for sex education, reproductive health but it’s still a long way to go till we stop feeling shy about discussing these issues. Apart from social media platforms and organisations that are already spreading awareness about these important issues, a powerful series ‘Sex Ki Adalat’ was launched as a part of an initiative ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hun’ by an NGO, Population Foundation of India (PFI).  And their first episode, which talks about stigmas around menstruation is on point.

In order to make people aware of important issues related to sex and gender inequality, PFI has come up with a 5-episode series ‘Sex Ki Adalat’ that will deal with male child preference, masturbation, virginity, pornography and menstruation, one by one.

The first episode dealing with menstruation released yesterday on YouTube and was posted on their Facebook page ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hu’. It has garnered a lot of appreciation from the viewers because there are many out there who want a change in the society. The video shows how women are mistreated by their own family during their periods and however disheartening it may be, it is still a reality in many parts of India (and some parts of the world). The taboos associated with menstruation are so many that a woman feels almost stifled during those 4-5 days, when she isn’t ‘allowed’ to all the things she does on a daily basis.

The reactions to the video were equally encouraging.

Sex Ki Adalat

Sex Ki Adalat

Watch the video here:

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After watching this we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes. Are you?

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