Watch: Pakistani journalist Amin Hafeez's dance-style news report is the stuff of legends

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is that Pakistani journalists seem to have a knack for going viral. Nobody can quite forget  the hyper-dedicated Chand Nawab (immortalised in Bajrangi Bhaijaan by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who just wanted to do finish his report in peace. Is it too much to ask for peace and zero walking on a railway platform, y’all?

But for now let’s focus on the gift that is Amin Hafeez, a Special Correspondent for Geo News, in Lahore, Pakistan.

In this video that should by all means go viral, Hafeez, is seen dancing while presenting a report on sky-high ticket costs for a Pakistan Super League cricket match. Tweeted by another Pakistani journalist, Naila Inayat, the video shows Hafeez standing outside Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore where a long queue is waiting to buy Rs 500 tickets, which are no longer available. Talking to the people outside while also fondling their hair (LULWUT?), Hafeez seems to be having a pretty fantastic time encouraging the locals to protest the steep price rise.

Move over Chand Nawab, we’ve found a new internet sensation from Pakistan.