Watch: Indian Air Force's latest ad talks about female empowerment in the best way possible

Indian Air Force has a new advert for female fighter pilots and it will make you swell with pride

Adverts don’t always get female representation right. Sometimes the cliche overpowers the message, sometimes it can get straight up lost in translation. But sometimes the message comes across loud and clear and the Indian Air Force’s latest TVC comes under that lovely category.

The narrative around gender inequality has been changing slowly and IAF’s advert is a reminder of that. The TVC begins with the narrator – a female fighter pilot – talking about how society perceives women. Apparently when women are discussed the general perception is that they are all sacred of crackers, of loud noises, and of heights. Apparently their only job is one that involves giving birth. And even while giving birth – she must be careful about bringing a male heir into the world. To carry the name forward. To fulfill the dream she was afraid of fulfilling herself.

The video is narrated with lowkey sarcasm which becomes all the more potent when juxtaposed with the visual of female pilots doing everything to match their male counterparts on field and in air combats. Brilliant, right? We thought so too.

Check out the amazing video and tell us what you think.