Watch: Best husband ever? This man's surprise for his wife is all kinds of wonderful

This is too cute to handle!

On a scale of 1 to 10, surprising a spouse or any human for that matter with a puppy (or several) probably scores a solid 20. Sure we’ve seen several other viral videos like the one posted by vloggers, The Jurgys. But does that even matter when you get to watch a video with so many furry cuties? In this video, the husband Bruce sets up cameras all inside the house, in the pathway outside his house to surprise his wife Nellie with a bunch of puppies. Why puppies you ask? Because over Christmas, his surprise for her had been foiled and her first question when she stumbled upon his gift was, “Is it a puppy?”

Bruce made a deal with Puppies For Rent, an organisation which lets you play with puppies for a fee. Calling Nellie at work to run an errand for him and bring her back home, Bruce successfully manages to leave her speechless. The video has already received over 2 million views and counting for obvious reasons.

But while most people on YouTube loved the idea of surprising someone with pups, many took umbrage that Bruce decided to ‘rent’ dogs to make his wife temporarily happy. Sofia Ferraro posted on their channel, “you only take a puppy if you are consciously ready to take a life-companion not renting it, not using it as a gift!”

Point taken. But the dogs look pretty chipper and video’s truly lovely. Watch: