Viral post about Varun Dhawan's Judwaa 2 trailer should be mandatory reading for everyone

Unlike the ardent Varun Dhawan fans who are currently going gaga over Judwaa 2, some people aren't happy about what they saw in the trailer. Read on.

Judwaa 2, the remake of the 1997 Salman Khan starrer trailer, was released a few days back and is currently trending on top on YouTube right now. With more than 11 million views already, it is given that the film is eagerly anticipated by the audience. While the original Judwaa starred Bollywood stars Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor and Rambha, Judwaa 2 – which is set for release in India on September 29 – stars Varun Dhawan, Tapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandes.

But not everyone is happy about what they saw in the trailer, unlike the ardent Dhawan fans who are currently going gaga.

Pulkit Arora, who according to his Facebook profile is a writer with AIB – First Draft, noticed how in the name of comedy, Bollywood has no qualms about showing sexual assault. In his post, he talks about the scene where Varun Dhawan’s character forcefully kisses the character played by Tapsee Pannu – all in the name of comedy.

No doubt, Bollywood and we, as an insensitive and sexist audience, don’t mind such humour but it is high time industry takes some responsibility. Pulkit raises the same thing in his post and goes on to point out how these type of characters are shown as ‘cute badmaash’ and audience is supposed to like them. But considering  this same audience enjoyed watching the many Rajs, Rahuls, Radhe Bhaiyas, Badrinaths stalking heroines of their respective movies in the name of ‘romance’, it is hardly surprising.

Pulkit hits the nail on its head and writes :

We’re supposed to like this character for committing sexual assault. What a badmaash, so cute.
I’ve seen classes and classes of children be conditioned to objectify their female teachers after watching Salman Khan films over the weekend. No one in their right mind can deny the impact films have on what we consider right or wrong as a culture.
At what point do we hold filmmakers accountable? In a country where crimes against women are rampant, how is this not even being discussed? HOW HARD IS IT TO NOT PLAY PEPPY MUSIC AS SEXUAL ASSAULT HAPPENS ONSCREEN?

The post has already received more than 1k reactions most of them agreeing with what has been written and has over 583 shares. Someone has raised a valid point in the comment section, that in the later half of the trailer, Tapsee Pannu’s character does the same with the guy (Varun Dhawan’s character). *Rolls eyes*

Is there a petition on to get our filmmakers to grow up and stop producing such dumbed down content? Because we’d like to sign up asap.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here it is :

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Here’s the entire Facebook post, in case you want to read it.

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