Shape of You now has a 'Bullet' cover and it's going to make bike lovers pretty happy

Ed Sheeran's immensely popular number, which released in January, has a cover featuring none other than the Royal Enfield Bullet. And,we bet, you'd love it!

Turns out, it is never too late to be obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. The latest cover that’s caught everyone’s eyeballs features a crowd-pleaser that has endured years on the road- Royal Enfield’s Bullet. No, we are not kidding. A bunch of musicians decided to use Royal Enfield motorcycles and accessories for producing the latest version of Ed Sheeran’s immensely popular and trippy number. The song that released in January has come quite far and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any soon.

The video that we are talking about has been produced by Prajay Shah in collaboration with singer Kamakshi Rai and music producer Gaurang Soni. The entire song is set up in a Royal Enfield showroom and the musicians have only, mind you, only used motorcycles and other accessories present in the showroom to produce all the music! Isn’t that amazing? And the result is a foot-tapping number which will definitely leave you grooving.

The video has already received more than 71 k views and the response is great with people, not just the die-hard Royal Enfield fans but the music lovers appreciating it. You need to listen to it to understand what we’re saying.

Meanwhile, do take a long, hard look at the comments section:

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