Twitter is upset about Doordarshan changing its logo, takes a trip back in time

Doordarshan is holding a contest to redesign its logo to attract the youth and Twitter is not very happy about this new change.

Young Indians of today were born in an era when the television was just starting to become a household name. The clunky black boxes sported a dingy antenna and all of them played the one channel only- Doordarshan. And we would all watch it because there it was new and fun. Doordarshan became a part of our lives in whole- the music that would normally be annoying, watching shows like Chandrakanta through that black and white screen and of course, the logo. That logo is probably the most recognisable logo for any India and now that it is about to change, it has left a lot of people unsettled.

Doordarshan had earlier announced that it now hopes to attract the youth by changing the logo. Whether you think that’s good or bad, there is an upside. For the new logo, the national broadcaster will hold a contest. The winner of this competition will take home a prize of Rs 1 lakh and of course, they will have the honour to redesign a whole new era of Doordarshan.

Shashi Shekhar, the CEO of Prasar Bharti, tweeted about the change of Doordarshan’s logo, also announcing the contest. “A new Logo for Doordarshan reflecting the Aspirations of a New India while preserving the nostalgia,” he wrote.

So, if you’re up for it, you can send your entry latest by August 13, 2017. While some people were not budged by this announcement, given how most people don’t even watch Doordarshan anymore, others were taken aback by the whole idea. Twitter broke into a nostalgic fit and many wished for the logo to remain the same.

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