Twitter cannot deal with Times Group banning Arnab Goswami from using 'nation wants to know'

Do you support Arnab Goswami? Nation wants to know!

Arnab Goswami, journalist and former editor-in-chief of news channels Times Now and ET Now who will be back on the screen with his news channel Republic in the coming weeks, has been served a legal notice by his former employer The Times Group over the use of the phrase ‘nation wants to know’.

Goswami had been using the phrase over the years in his prime time show– Newshour that was broadcasted on Times Now, before he quit the news channel on November 1, 2016. A month later, he announced that he would soon launch his own news channel.

In a three-minute clip posted on the official Facebook page of Republic, Goswami explains that he has received a 6-page letter threatening him with imprisonment if he ever used the phrase ‘nation wants to know’.

“To them, I say: The threat of imprisonment will not deter me. Bring your moneybags and your lawyers, file the criminal case against me for using the phrase “Nation Wants to Know”,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.

“Viewers, the phrase “Nation Wants to Know” belongs to you, to me, and to all of us, every citizen of this country.It symbolises what we do, pick up issues for the people, ask, question and seek accountability where it is due. Every Indian has a right to use that phrase,” he added in his post.

Meanwhile, Twitterati are going crazy over the news and have tweeted out some really hilarious reactions. Here’s what they have to say: