Today we learned: Female nudity is okay while male nudity leads to homophobia

Homophobes stormed Twitter with hateful tweets over American football star Ezekiel Elliott's nude photoshoot for ESPN Body Issue and we can't understand why.

We often see female models and sportspersons dressed up in scanty or no clothing for sports magazines such as Sports Illustrated. This summer’s ESPN ‘Body Issue’ magazine went a different way. The sports magazine featured Ezekiel Elliott American football star, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, posing nude as the new  “cover boy”. However, as much as ESPN would have expected people to appreciate them taking a step towards equality, people were actually scornful about Zeke Elliott’s naked body being “thrown in their faces.”

In the photo shoot, Zeke flaunts his body as he clutches a football in a running pose in the ninth annual Body Issue of ESPN which also features sportspersons Isaiah Thomas, Javier Baez, and Caroline Wozniacki in alternative covers. While some were thrilled to see that the magazine is pushing for gender equity, some homophobic males just could not contain their repulsion as they stormed Twitter with hateful tweets.

Ezekiel Elliot, Nude Photoshoot, ESPN

Here are some of the tweets bashing Zeke over the nude photo shoot. Brace yourselves, homophobia incoming…

So, apparently, whether or not you’re posing nude reflects on your sexuality

Sexist + Racist in one tweet? Somebody give this man a cookie!

Thanks for clearing that up, mate

Does anyone have the ‘Unfollow Instruction Manual’?

So mature…

SO very mature…

This one definitely has some very specific issues

Loving how he plugged in the word “straight”.

Some people are just special…

Just to give some perspective here are some of reactions to nude covers of FEMALE sportspersons:

Fap jokes

More fap jokes

And some more…


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