Today in what-did-I-just-read: 'Pee on ad and get discount', IKEA to pregnant women

Published in Sweden's women's magazine, Amelia, the ad proudly proclaims 'to change your life if you pee on it'

To what length would you go to avail a discount? What about peeing on an ad? Sounds gross, right? But popular Swedish company, IKEA has come up with this ‘bright’ idea where pregnant women need only pee on their ad to avail a ‘family discount’ on a baby’s crib. Wondering how does this work? Allow us to explain.

Published in Sweden’s women’s magazine, Amelia, the ad, which proudly proclaims ‘to change your life if you pee on it’, goes like:

“This ad is also a pregnancy test. Pee on the marked area and wait a moment.  If you’re pregnant, you’ll get a surprise right here in the ad.”

The ad is part of Ikea’s ‘Where Life Happens’ campaign designed for Sweden.

And wait, if this wasn’t enough to gross you out, the ad nowhere explains how are these women going to avail this discount? So putting their wild imagination at work, Twitter figured out may be the women were supposed to take the ‘urine-soaked ad to a store and hand it to a worker’. Ewww!

PSA: Ads like these ‘don’t change lives’, they just remind everyone that a different ad agency should be in the offing.