Today in Not-Cool-Bro: Chinese restaurant offers discount according to bra size

So what is your bra size? A question which is not awkward for a waiter to ask at this Chinese restaurant

In bizarre news today: A Chinese seafood restaurant in Hangzhou has landed in trouble and caused a riot on Twitter by using a shady marketing gimmick that offers discounts to women based on their bust size. The eatery known as Trendy Shrimp claims that: “The whole city is looking for BREASTS!” In what world is this okay?

The unusual discount has been plastered on a poster as an advertisement placed outside the restaurant on July 31, according to a report by the Qianjing Evening Post.  The poster features an accompanying image of animated female caricatures with varying breast sizes posted with a supplementary table showing how much of a price cut a woman would get based on her bra size.

The offer from the restaurant says that the A cup sized women will receive a 5% discount on their bill while those with G cups get a whopping 65% off. I mean common people, it is not like women have anything to with the growth of their breasts. It’s neither a privilege nor any miracle that women have breasts, then why indulge in such objectification and twisted sexism, because the deal appears to be only for women. No point judging men on the size of their you-know-whats. Now that is just plain stupid, who would do it?

The shameless bid to stir up business has left not only locals, but people across the globe horrified. The restaurant was accused of being both vulgar and discriminatory. Twitterati was having none of the horrible injustice that this restaurant had casually laid out of their premises on a signboard.


The General manager Lan Shenggang defended the sales of their restaurant in the same report

Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20 percent, some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide.

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One BBC report mentioned that this was not the first time a restaurant in China played on this pretext to offer discounts based on a customer’s appearance. A couple of years back a restaurant in Henan had made headlines for rewarding diners who were “good-looking.” And then a month after this a food outlet in Chongqing received flak for offering discounts for overweight men and thin women.

What is with Chinese restaurants and shallow people?


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