'Thug life' just found its star: Twitter turns newborn babe into a meme

Twitter meme game is always on point. Here's the youngest person to ever turned into a meme

Twitter is one place you can never get bored of. There’s enough fodder for everyone. Thanks to the trolls on Twitter, you’ll never be devoid of witty puns and humour in your life. Weird things surface on Twitter and eventually turns into a meme. From old pictures to reactions, the Twitter meme game is always on point. Here we present to you the youngest person to ever turned into a meme. Did you ask why? Baby’s pose screams ‘thug life’.

He was born into the world with too much sass clearly. If you’d still gaze at him closely, you may think that he is contemplating existential dilemma.

This baby’s posture left everyone in splits and one netizen posted his picture on Twitter and turned him into a meme. As soon as the picture was posted, the hungry-for-fodder Twitterati gorged on it and thus, began the series of hilarious reactions on Twitter which are going to make you LOL hard.  From comparing him to Rajnikanth, sly sarcasm on Pakistan to troll on UP Sarkar, this baby’s meme has been the talk of Twitter.

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Check out Twitterati’s hilarious reactions on the ‘thug baby’:


While everything is done in good humour, we hope the baby stays healthy and keeps on exuding his swag.



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