This woman got a Wonder Woman tattoo over mastectomy scars, and it's totally mesmerising

When Stephanie Kelly, a mother of 4, realised that she was at risk of developing breast cancer, she decided to get her breasts removed.

A woman from Michigan, US, who had gotten a preventive double mastectomy earlier, now sports a fierce Wonder Woman tattoo across her chest. Stephanie Kelly, a mother of four, had realised that she was at risk of developing cancer and decided to take the heroic step to get her breasts removed. Now, she has a Wonder Woman tattoo, covering her mastectomy scars, that makes her look like a true superhero.

Kelly had realised that she was at high risk of breast cancer after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, a tumour suppressor gene. The 42-year-old spoke to PEOPLE where she revealed that after her surgery, she decided to channel Wonder Woman’s strength and be “unfazed by the things I needed to do that scared me.” Her friends and family had even started loading her with figurines and cards of the DC superheroine to help her get through the tough times.

According to PEOPlE, Kelly also had to watch her mother struggle with breast cancer not once, but twice. It was because of her family history that she decided to get tested herself and unfortunately, she too was at risk. However, she was not one bit surprised when the results came positive. She said, “With the family history and just my general luck about things, I’d always expected breast cancer to play some role in my life.” Hence, she had always been strong against the idea of cancer and went ahead with the mastectomy, which she says was an “easy decision.”

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But, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t miss her breasts. “They had been a part of my body I’d always liked,” Kelly says. “I liked the way they made me look and I loved that they had fed my four children as babies.” But Kelly says that against the chemotherapy treatments and not being able to support her family, it was a small sacrifice to give.

Speaking about her tattoo, she told PEOPLE that apart from Wonder Woman, she had always been attracted to the idea of a Phoenix, a bird that rises from its own ashes. So, she asked her tattoo artist to create an amalgamation of the two which later turned out to be Wonder Woman’s chest armour.

She now says that after getting the tattoo, she started looking at herself differently. Kelly had never been confident about the way she looked, but after having her breasts removed, she felt a sense of freedom as she didn’t conform to conventional beauty norms.

And now that she has a symbol of ferocity spread across her chest, she is no less of a Wonder Woman herself.

More power to you, Stephanie!

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