This viral post about the friendship of two women will definitely warm your heart

Friendship stories are always beautiful and one such story was shared on Facebook's Humans of Bombay page and soon, it went viral. Read on.

Friendship is one word that evokes different emotions for different people and most often a sweet one. It is friends with whom you can discuss anything on earth, you can share your happiness, your problems, your dreams without fearing any judgement. They are the ones with whom you can have adventures of your life and they are the ones who keep your secrets safe. And sometimes, a friendship is so strong that it withstands the test of time. Friendship stories are always beautiful and one such story was shared on Facebook’s Human Of Bombay page and soon it went viral.

The Facebook post shares a story of two determined women, who met in first year of their junior college. Nothing special about it, you think? Wait, till you read their beautiful story. One of the woman met with an accident one day after falling from stairs and she recounts how the other one stood by her side all the time. After she was wheel-chair bound, the other one sacrificed all her plans each time thinking about her friend. The second friend got divorced after 4 years of her marriage but they were together all the time and that’s what kept them going.

They both have travelled around the world and have also opened a wheel-chair friendly salon in Mumbai. Humans of Bombay put up a post celebrating their friendship and quite rightly so. Cheers to these two ladies!

“We met during our FYJC and immediately became friends. We went through the highs and lows of college life, facing the real world, getting a job…all together. When I turned 26, I got engaged to the love of my life and we were all out celebrating at a club one night when it happened. I walked up the stairs from the basement to attend to a call, and on the staircase someone brushed passed me, I lostbalance and fell. I remember trying to get up to get my phone and call my friends but I just couldn’t move…there was no sensation. Within minutes she found me and as she placed my head on her lap she realised that I was profusely bleeding. It took one hour for the ambulance to get to us…and even after I reached the hospital at around 4 in the morning there weren’t a lot of doctors. All through, I knew she as hospital phobic…she would get anxiety even at the mention of a doctor but here she was, yelling at people to hurry up, call the doctors and get things moving.
I went into surgery at 11 in the morning and thought that I would recover…it didn’t even occur to me that I may not have sensation because my spinal injury was so bad…on the 2nd day I just broke down and started crying. My fiancé flew down and we all thought that with physiotherapy I would get better…but it wouldn’t work. I refused to get on a wheelchair for the first few months so every day she would come home, try to make me feel better and put me before her on every occasion. When I finally knew that there was no solution after 2 years, I told my fiancé that I loved him too much and that he should move on…it was a difficult decision but I knew in my heart it was the right one and through that entire time, she was with me as strong as a rock.”

When your best friend goes through something like this, your life changes completely as well. For months after, when the rest of our group was making plans I would first think of her — basic things like going out for coffee or going out to bar…how would she do it? It was like a part of me was immobile and I was ok with it as long as I could make her feel better. When she finally decided to get on a wheelchair, I said, enough is enough we have to change this mood — the two of us began to travel all over the world— in fact, she’s the one who even organised my bachelorette party for me! We were in Miami and we wore these goofy halloween costumes, we’ve partied nights together, bag packed across Europe and had the most bizarre adventures. While here in Bombay, the two of us started a salon together which is completely wheelchair friendly. We work together, we travel together and laugh way too much! She’s unbelievably strong…I remember when I was getting a divorce 4 years ago, she was at my doorstep everyday…she never let me slip and I remember thinking about how her problems were so much bigger than mine but she never stopped smiling. She’s courageous enough to share her story and we’re even starting motivational seminars together…she’s so determined that she still plays badminton and is hopeful of representing India at the Para Olympics!
We have so many memories together but my happiest one? When I met her on my first day at FYJC — a thin, scrawny girl riding into college on a huge bike and me thinking to myself ‘this girl is so weird and quirky — we’re definitely going to be friends.”

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Isn’t that last line beautiful? Here’s the entire Humans of Bombay post.

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