This two-year-old toddler does burpees better than you do - Watch

This baby has the power to make you feel guilty for not hitting the gym with her incredibly fit workout routine

Fitness is something that has everyone by the grips, even tiny toddlers are now apparently fitness freaks. This video of a toddler showing off her impressive fitness skills has taken the internet by storm. Titled the “Burpeee Baby is back!” the video has a two-year-old toddler Keeley working out next to a pool. Shot in Boise, Idaho, at the poolside, you will see the baby showcase her core-strength as she jumps into the pool and then hops right back out to repeat the regime all over again. The toddler has a wide smile plastered on her face as she finishes her burpee routine.

The viral video was shared by Keeley’s mother. With over 12,000 Facebook views and thousands of followers on Instagram. The video has also been shared by the famous fitness blogger Ashley Roberts. Ashley’s video was shared by countless Facebook accounts and one post on the Be Fit Motivation Facebook page fetched him more than 640,000 views. Ashley’s Instagram has solely been dedicated to fitness, body positivity, and the empowerment of women, and she has shared the video to her account saying, “The burpee baby is back! Just doing some burpee pool jumps on a hot summer day!”

And the comments that flooded both Ashley Roberts post and other posts of the video were full of surprise at how easily the baby girl seemed to be working out and still managing to look unphased.

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Keeley’s work out routine has managed to put us all with our unfit pot bellies to shame!


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