Twitter's 'Awkward Moments' is the hashtag trend you didn't know you needed

Admit it, you are more awkward than you think you are! And if you still can't, let Twitterati teach you how to be awkward and proudly so!

We all are awkward human beings when it comes to unknown territory, when we are wading through deep waters outside our comfort zones. The story of awkward people is not unique and each and every one of us has had weird instances where we have been embarrassed by our awkward antics. On a bright sunny day Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess of the Twitter handle of the popular blogger goes, decided to admit to the world that she was just a little awkward in public.

The New York Times best-selling author shared her embarrassing exchange with an Airport cashier where she seemed to give a reply from where things only got more awkward. To the practised version of “Have a Safe Flight” from the airport attendant, Jenny managed to quip back an equally cheery “You Too!” And to her embarrassment, she realised the redundancy of the statement. Jenny would no longer be flying from that airport anymore, for fear of engaging with the very same cashier. The author of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened needed the title of her book to save herself from the sloppy predicament. Poor old Jenny got into trouble for being too polite.

To which Jenny’s followers began to throng her with tweets of wisdom from their awkward moments and their equally awkward exchanges at everyday situations


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