This Skyscraper Turned Into Waterfall During Mumbai Rains

As Mumbaikars brave heavy rains, a skyscraper at New Cuffe Parade turned into a waterfall. The video of water gushing down the building has since gone viral.

While many blamed the torrential rains for the situation, others said it resembled a waterfall. But it later turned out that it was a rupture in the new water tank installed in the building. The clip, which has been viewed over 42,000 times, was shared on Twitter by a user K Sudarshan along with a caption that read, “Waterfalls in New Cuffe Parade! #MumbaiRains”.”

However, Sudarshan later posted a response from the builder regarding the viral video. “This evening there was an incident during testing of the water tank at building T5 (Dioro). The vendor was testing the new water tank which was recently installed, there was a rupture in the body causing the water to come out.”

Heavy rains paralysed Mumbai after it received 217mm of rain in 12 hours, making it the second-heaviest shower this season. The rains disrupted train services, cancelled at least 30 flights and water-logged arterial roads.