This page 'renames' everyday objects and the result is so accurate, it's hilarious

The Twitter page 'Correct Names' consistently renames anything & everything that doesn't sound apt, right from astronauts to something as basic as a spoon.

Have you ever just looked at something like a biscuit, a key, or a water bottle and thought to yourself, “Hey! That name doesn’t really describe the object perfectly!”? Well, we would just like to tell you that you are not alone. In the vastness of this planet that we call Earth (which should probably be renamed too), there is an entire web community that is dedicated to ‘renaming’ existing things to sound more appropriate.

There is a Twitter page named ‘Correct Names’ that consistently renames anything and everything that does not sit well with them, right from astronauts to something as basic as a spoon. Some of these names will totally blow your mind like, did you ever imagine that a sock can be a foot condom?

Here are some of the most hilarious and totally apt names given to everyday objects or animals or whatever that will get you laughing out loud. Keep scrolling to check them out and let us know in the comments if you have any more suggestions:

1. Water = Snowman Blood

2. Spoon = Pudding Shovel

3. Zebra = Barcode Horse

4. iPhone Charger = Apple Juice

5. Book = Word Movie

6. Bat = Nightmare Mouse

7. Church Choir = God Karaoke

8. Milk = Cow Sauce

9. Proboscis Monkey = Dicknose Monkey

10. Chicken = Raw KFC

11. Sock = Foot Condom

12. Platypus = Duck Puppy

13. Volcano = Mountain Fountain

14. Orca = Panda Fish

15. Porcupine = Stab Rabbit

16. Banana = Yellow Tree Dicks

17. Ostrich = Noodle Neck Velociraptor

18. Kangaroo = Velocirabbit

19. Astronauts = Skyentists

20. Bread Slices = Sandwich Walls

21. Carousel = Horse Tornado

22. Butter = Bread Moisturiser

23. Music CD = Musical Donut

24. Beanbag = Boneless Couch

25. Jam = Toast Blood

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