This Malaysian Girl Shows Off Slick Football Moves While Sporting A Headscarf

After watching videos on YouTube, Qhouirunnisa' started playing in 2016

Sporting a traditional hijab, Qhouirunnisa’ Endang Wahyudi balances the ball on her forehead. This Malaysian Muslim girl is known for her slick freestyle football moves.

“The headscarf is not an obstacle,” the 18-year-old told AFP. She further added, “It’s normal. It’s just how you handle it.”

After watching videos on YouTube, Qhouirunnisa’ started playing in 2016 and believes that Islam never stops women from playing any sport as long as one doesn’t show their body.

With the support of her family, today Qhouirunnisa’ has become an Instagram sensation with around 75000 followers.

Qhouirunnisa’ trains at least four to five days a week. Her training includes balancing, kicking and juggling the ball for up to three hours in every session.

Inspired by teenage French freestyle star Lisa Zimouche, Qhouirunnisa’ hopes to meet her idol one day. “Being a woman is not an obstacle,” she said. “You can be active in sports.”