This latest Audi ad compares women to used cars, invites outrage on social media

Audi's latest ad aired in China compared women to used cars, draws ire on social media. People call it disrespectful and extremely sexist. Watch the ad and read on.

Audi is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world and has a huge popularity but recently, ad-makers of China came under fire and drew a lot of criticism online for making an extremely sexist advertisement. Audi China released an ad showing a mother-in-law entering a wedding ceremony and ‘inspecting’ the bride-to-be by pulling her ears, nose and mouth. The ad ends with the woman giving a thumbs up for the bride after getting reassured, with the voice-over  “an important decision must be made carefully”. But that is not all.

The advertisement has drawn ire from around the world and especially in China where it was aired, rightfully calling it sexist as it compares a woman to a used car. Social media was outraged and there was a huge backlash over the ad being extremely sexist.

The advertisement shows a couple at their wedding ceremony when mother of the guy enters and asks everyone to wait. She comes and stands in front of the bride. The woman starts off by pulling bride’s nose even as she screams in pain, the mother-in-law then pulls bride’s ears and mouth to check if everything is fine, when all this while the guy standing behind shouts and finally, pulls his mother back. The mother starts leaving the venue, gesturing thumbs up and the bride and groom heave a sigh of relief but suddenly, the mother looks at bride’s chest and the bride gets horrified.

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Audi has issued an apology for making such an ad and taken it down. The automobile maker clarified “The ad’s perception that has been created for many people does not correspond to the values of our company in any way”, as per South China Morning Post report.

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