This innovative underwear is here to solve the one common problem every guy complains about

Every man has to struggle finding out a way to take his hands below waist and adjust his underwear. However, the problem has been solved now.

Isn’t it a very awkward situation when you have to adjust your junk in public? But adjusting the underwear is actually a very natural and common problem faced by almost every guy on the planet. Each of them can relate to the helplessness one feels when this situation arrives. Every man has to struggle to find out a way to take his hands below the waist and adjust his manhood. And guess what, many of them come up with new exciting and innovative ways.


However, now a genius inventor has come up with a solution for this problem. Eletrunks, a men’s underwear brand has redesigned the conventional underwear. These are strictly functional and come with a serious dose of comfort. These underwear come with a ‘Lifter’ that helps you adjust your part without taking your hands down below the waist.

You simply need to use the ‘Lifter,’ a string that stretches from the waistband to the bottom of the pouch, and it helps you pull your entire manhood.

Eletrunks underwear

Michael Walker who resides in New York City is the founder of this unusual yet very helpful product. He came up with the idea for Eletrunks while exploring South America. Hence, he started working on the idea and came up with the conceptualized prototypes in February 2016.

Since the product is unusual, hence the names given to five colors in which it comes in the market are also pretty unusual. They are Ron Burgundies, Gray(s) Kale, Midnight Stealth, FITspiration blue and The Tuxedo.

The inventor is not ignorant and unaware of the fact that how funny these eletrunks are. However, the fact that the usefulness and practicality of the product will overshadow all the fun parts attached can not be denied.