This Heathrow Airport ad will melt your hearts away!

Teddy bear grandparents visiting their children is the cutest thing you'll see this festive season

It’s 36 days to Christmas and Heathrow airport has already set the tone for this festive season by producing a cute and sentimental advertisement featuring teddy bear grandparents coming home.

The ad follows the two teddy-bear grandparents on a long journey to meet their family members through the airport check-in to the luggage carousel to the duty-free to finally meeting their grand-kids at the arrival lounge.

In case you are still wondering what the message is, check out the tagline- ‘coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all’.

Meanwhile, Amazon too released its first Christmas ad of the season and it has a strong message to give. The ad features a Christian man and a Muslim man ordering knee-caps for each other as a surprise. The ad not only highlights the spirit of Christmas but also attacks Islamophobia in a subtle way.

Take a look: