This FRIENDS fan theory about Rachel Green will leave you confused

Friends fans are very excited about this new theory about Rachel Green and it is so uncanny, it will mess you up for good.

Even though it has been about 23 years since it ended, Friends continues to be one of the more popular sitcoms of all time. With no hopes of a remake or a reunion whatsoever, fans of the hit 90s series continue to keep the series alive by making memes and whipping up clever theories about the show which give it a totally different spin. Be it a theory about deranged Phoebe Buffay hallucinating the entirety of 10 years, or fan-fictions about alternate realities like where Chandler Bing gets together with Rachel Green instead, there’s literally no stopping a Friends fan from hunting new angles about the show.

This time fans have picked up Rachel Green and boy is this theory as uncanny as one can get. Twitter user Ted Fox recently posted an image of the season 4 DVD cover of Friends, questioning a tiny detail about it that we all seem to have missed. As seen on the cover, all the members of the gang are taking a nap together while Rachel is lying between them, wide awake. Now, why must that be? Is she high on coffee? Or she in the middle of an existential crisis? Some Friends fans have surmised that it could be something altogether together.

Well, a large fraction of people seemed to believe that Chandler had something to do with Rachel being too uneasy to sleep in bed.

As sophisticated as that theory is, we just can’t seem to get behind it. There was another that actually seems like something Monica would do…

Or this one that took a dark turn really, really quickly:

This one had a whole story prepared that gives the whole show, all ten seasons combined, a major plot twist:

Here are some other totally crazy theories:

Well, what do you think happened?

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