This Charpoy ad from Australia has thrown Twitter into a frenzy

When a traditional bed from rural India takes limelight on social media, what have got to do but engage

Charpoy or khatiya is a traditional Indian bed which counteless houses across rural India use to this day. The old-fashioned bed which is assembled manually with jute ropes and a wooden frame has taken center stage on social media. A viral ad from Australia featuring a basic charpoy has made Twitterati go ballistic. The desi version of a bed has gone viral not for its authentic value but for its price. The ‘Traditional Indian Daybed’ is being sold for a whopping $990, which amounts to roughly Rs 50,000.

The ad that hit social media describes the charpoy as if it were a delicacy with phrases like “beautiful Maple timber” with strong “Mortise and Tenon joints” with strong “Manila rope hand-woven bedding”. The personal ad writes for itself, but it was considered too posh and sophisticated for the Indian relic that is a symbol of our heritage.

Some people became nostalgic, others were busy peddling their own old charpoys to encash on the trend and sell their old beds. While others on social media weighed in on why the charpoy is so popular among foreigners and how it is not appreciated in its own land.

Some people saw business opportunity

While others debated whether the charpoy was really as extinct as people were treating it to be

Some compared it to iPhone X (Yes, you heard that right!)

Others were busy mocking the hashtags. Some suggested #GharWapsi

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The vintage rope bed is selling like hot cakes, especially thanks to this social media tirade. So have you ordered your charpoy yet?

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