Skinny-shaming is as terrible as fat-shaming. Let these real life stories teach you why

Forget being shamed for being overweight, being too thin wasn't easy for skinny girls while growing up either

There’s a whole lot of jokes that are reserved just for skinny people. Being underweight is also a problem y’all! Just like being overweight is considered unhealthy and might be a health risk, so is being overly skinny which carries its own health risks. And what people don’t get is that being constantly nagged about it is no easy task. From all family functions to parties with friends, you are constantly asked “Why don’t you eat more?” “Why don’t you take care of yourself?” People don’t realize that certain body types do not gain weight that easily.

An anonymous Quora user posted this query, clearly desperate for help:

Q. I’m tired of my family teasing me about being too skinny. I’m 5’8 and 127 pounds and a female. What can I do to gain weight?

Among other Quora threads like What does it feel like to be skinny? which brought responses from people sharing their experience with body shaming just because they are on the skinnier side.

#1 The one who with Pectus Excavatum

I am skinny. At 6 ft and 135 lb (182 cm, 61 kg), my BMI is 18.3, at the edge of clinically underweight. I’ve been this size since I was 15 (I’m 23 now). However, in public opinion, I look scarily skinny because of my Pectus excavatum, or sunken chest. My sternum curls inwards, my lungs are tilted back, and my muscles hug so close to my rib cage that it seriously looks like someone took a shovel to my chest and scooped it right out!

#2 And one who could not handle the double standards anymore:

Eat this, eat that! Eat more! Eat more often! Eat more more often! These are messages that my parents (who are caring, intelligent, and otherwise reasonable) have fed me all my life. My friends often joke I should deliberately eat fattening foods because I “need it.”

#3. Growing up with healthy kids can take a toll

Being skinny comes with its own set of drawbacks, but they are much worse when you’re younger. You can imagine how difficult it is when your 6th grade class does the group weight and height records and everybody discusses your 4’7″ 17 kilo frame like it is an anomaly.

#4 When this guy got the most brutal burn

 When you wear black and someone calls you an escaped barcode line…yea.

#5 When you are judged by your appearances for your lack of stamina and probability of getting bruised easily

Despite my height I never got to play baskeball well. I was just pushed out of the way. Same for football cause I break too easily in serious body contact and had my fair share of injuries.Most important, I need to maintain certain habits rather rigidly – missing my morning porridge means missing a day, I would just lack power to do anything.

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This society’s obsession with their standards of body image needs to stop, even for the thinner clan of humans. Yes, they exist.

Source: Quora

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