This brother-sister duo's adorable story highlights the true essence of being siblings

The story of this brother and sister and their never-ending fights proves there is nothing better than a relationship with siblings.

We grew up watching siblings in movies like Hum Saath Saath Hain and when every single time Salman would respectfully address Mohnish Behl as “Bhaiyya”, most of us would probably wonder if siblings like that even exist because for the most part, having a sibling means having a person you can constantly quarrel with.

Even though most Indian families would have the strict of never hitting your elder siblings back, we were notorious for defiance. In spite of all the friction, it was understood that we would always have each other’s backs. And as painful and frustrating the fighting seems back then, it is through this bickering that the bond between siblings strengthens.

Published on Humans of Bombay, the story of this brother and sister is pretty much the same. Being the younger sibling, the brother tried to copy everything his “Didi” would do. So when she went away to boarding school and he would constantly throw a fit while visiting to gain her attention. It was his way of expression.

Being the elder, his sister would have to suffer through it all and also stop to care for and protect her brother. “Didi always fought my battles for me, but behind closed doors, she would scream at me and did everything she could to get me back on track,” he says. She helped him grow, pointed him in the right direction every step of the way and even assisted him in his career.

Now, when they are working together, they still fight as they used to. But their relationship remains to be as adorable and pure as it always was.

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“I was the typical younger sibling, copying everything Didi did…including her artwork. She went off to boarding school when she was just 8, but I missed having her around. I was a troublesome child — whenever I visited her at boarding school, I would create havoc — I would throw water on her friend’s bed, smudge toothpaste here and there…I don’t know, I guess it was for her attention. I loved her the most, but more importantly, she was the only one I was really scared off. My mother would also tell me, ‘you only listen to your sister’ and that’s why more often than not she would bail me out of situations.
I was very reckless — whether it was saying whatever I felt like, or doing whatever it is—- I just didn’t care. That came with a lot of trouble – I got expelled from school twice, I got into a lot of car accidents, went to the police station as a result. Didi always fought my battles for me, but behind closed doors, she would scream at me and did everything she could to get me back on track. She even deferred her university by 6 months, for me. So while we’re always fighting — we still do, she’s always been the only one who believed in me and had faith in me.”

“I hated when people called him ‘useless’ and ‘good for nothing’ because I saw so much potential in him. I would literally pull him out of bed and push him to go out and do something. He was always brimming with ideas and was such a smart kid that I knew he just needed a little bit of direction. One of his ideas was to start a digital magazine…and I loved it! I was his biggest cheerleader and his biggest critic. At 23, he started Homegrown…and I joined him in his venture. Today, we’ve created something special together — we work together and yes, we fight just as much. Very often, before we go into important meetings, we warn them. We tell them that we’re siblings and if they see us getting into a screaming fight or pulling each other’s hair — they shouldn’t be alarmed!
I’m so unbelievably proud of him and how much he’s achieved and I love to show him off — especially to those who thought he wouldn’t do anything with his life. I think the sweetest part of our journey so far is that since the past 3 years, he buys different super hero rakhis and ties ME the rakhi on Rakshabandhan. He says, ‘you’ve protected me all your life, you deserve the rakhi more than me’ and I feel privileged that I have this kind of a relationship with my brother — he’s my whole world.”

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