This artist's South Asian Wonder Woman is as gorgeous as Gal Gadot's Diana

For all those who "wonder", this is what Wonder Woman would look like had the DC superheroine been created in an Indian setting.

Don’t have an innovative outfit picked out for Halloween yet? Fret not. Beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala has just the costume for you. Giving an Indian spin to the DC superheroine, Mutyala has come up with her very own creation- the ‘South Asian Wonder Woman’. However, the costume is intended to serve a different role than being just another Halloween tutorial. The Los Angeles-based vlogger says she aims to send out an important message which is to be your own hero.

Mutyala designed her own Wonder Woman costume, complete with a maang tikka, a saree and of course, bangles for vambraces. Often cosplayers get shamed for never getting the costume a 100% correct, leaving no room for creativity. But Mutyala wants people to be able to represent their heroes, whoever they may be, in the manner they want. “The larger picture was to get a point across that you can be whoever you want for Halloween and not feel any limits,” she states. For her, the hero had to be Wonder Woman.

“It was perfect because I was super inspired by the film Wonder Woman that came out earlier this year and everything her character stands for in it. She is strong, fierce and brave (not to mention smoking hot!) and I love the message she sends to little girls around the world. Everyone has a little Wonder Woman in them – use that to create what works for YOU!”

So, yes… You can be a woman and dress as Batman. You can be a man and be Wonder Woman. You can be a firebending Daenerys. You can be a Freddy Krueger with friggin’ chopsticks instead of razors (although, that would be weird). The point is to have a costume that is an extension of your personality and if what you need it to be is an amalgamation, then maybe it’s time for you to bring out your DIY Halloween kit and create a costume in your image.

Deepika was even generous enough to document her transformation in a video which she uploaded on Youtube. So, in case your personality is really calling you out to do the ‘South Asian Wonder Woman’ for Halloween, you can watch her tutorial below:

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