These illustrations brilliantly capture daily struggle of introverts in a world of extroverts

This illustrator brilliantly captures the daily struggles of an introvert. Her sketches are so relatable for every introvert who ever existed on this earth. Read on.

In a world full of people who are running madly after something completely outside of them, it is a struggle and almost an achievement for an introvert to come out each and every day trying to conquer this world full of people. Have you ever felt that it is so difficult to ‘people’ (socialize) every day? Have you ever sat back and wondered what would you have said during a conversation that actually happened like a week or even a month back? Do you find solace in your own company? Does partying mean spending time with yourself? Debbie Tung, an illustrator perfectly captures the daily struggles of an introvert and her sketches are so relatable for every introvert who ever existed on this earth.

Debbie Tung who has authored a book ‘Quiet Girl In a Noisy World’, does some absolutely amazing illustrations that brilliantly represent the life of a socially awkward person. From self-doubting and over-thinking everything to finding it hard to understand what to say, from having a few friends to the love of books, from feeling lost in social parties to enjoying one’s own company, Debbie Tung is spot on with every feeling that an introvert experiences in a world which can’t stop getting excited about extroverts and party animals. Not that anything is wrong with extroverts but it is really hard to survive a day if you are an introvert. Introverts will definitely get what we mean. LOL.

1.  Introverts find it hard to make friends because this:

2. Every day struggle

3. Partying is spending time alone, eating and drinking.

4. You feel almost drained after all that social interaction by the time it’s weekend

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5. You cannot help overthink about smallest and silliest of things.

6. Books are love. Books are life.

7. One human interaction seems like a huge achievement

8. Social awkwardness is something you fear the most and when it happens, you feel like jumping off a cliff. Like, literally.

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(Story source: Scoopwhoop)


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