The story of this man on Grindr saving another from committing suicide will bring a smile to your face

Liam was relaxing at home when he kicked up a conversation with another man on the gay dating app, but the casual chat soon took a drastic turn.

A casual Grindr chat took a really serious turn for this man. Liam Blank was relaxing at home when he kicked up a conversation with another man on the gay dating app. However, the conversation took a drastic turn when the man, whom Liam described of the same age as him, stated he was on a bridge about to jump off and kill himself.

Liam detailed the whole incident in a Facebook post on September 10. In his post, he mentioned that the man on the other end revealed that he had recently been diagnosed as HIV positive and hadn’t been able to come to terms with it. While Liam tried to talk him out of a distressing situation, the man told him he was at the George Washington Bridge and was contemplating suicide. What Liam did next is as amazing as it inspiring.

Liam wrote,

Immediately, I put on my shoes and jacket, then ran a few blocks to the bridge. I frantically started looking for him in the dark, hoping that he hadn’t already jumped or that I wouldn’t be witnessing him jump as I approached him.

Soon after, he managed to spot the man who was leaning against the railing and had been crying. Realising that this was the man he had been talking to, Liam went up to him and hugged him for a good five minutes while the man cried on his shoulder. He took the man back to his apartment to talk to him which is when he learnt his story. Apparently, this person was an undocumented immigrant and decided to leave his home and country after his family kicked him out because of his sexual orientation. Not just that, his own brother tried to kill him because he was gay.

After listening to his story, I was speechless. There was nothing in my life that is comparable to what this person has experienced, so I struggled to think of any words to say. All I could do was listen. We talked for a few hours, and by the end of it, I assured him that he should never feel lonely again because I will be his friend, and I meant that sincerely.

Here is the full Facebook post:

Who would have thought that someone would meet their saviour on an app dedicated exclusively for hookups and dating? We definitely need more people like Liam in this world!

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