The Great Indian Myth: The web discusses 11 misconceptions foreigners have about India

Ignorance is chill and it's not like we know other countries well either, but some foreigners' misconceptions about India are largely unfounded.

For much of history, India has always been that spiritual shrine where one goes to heal themselves. While India’s holiness is still up for question, people who do not live here continue to believe this Eat. Pray. Love.-ish stereotype. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions that foreigners seem to have about India. Not that anyone is blaming them. Ignorance is chill. It’s not like we know their countries well either, but some of these misconceptions are largely unfounded. And as adorable as we might find them, whenever a foreigner confuses us for someone else, we just can’t help but roll our eyes.

People on Quora held a discussion based on the common perceptions foreigners tend to have about Indians that is far from reality. Here are some highlights that you’re probably already all too familiar with:

1. All Indians have an arranged marriage

There was a time when it was common for the bride and groom to meet at the mandap and that time was the 20th century. Over the years, Indians have become more adjusting to the idea of an arranged marriage so, please, update your info.

2. We speak the “Indian Language”

We have hundreds of languages across the country, but “Indian” ain’t one. It’s like saying people down in the US speak “American”. Stop asking us if we speak Indian!

3. We survive on an exclusively leafy diet

Not all Indians are vegetarians, bro. We also relish delectable dishes like tunday kebab, tandoori chicken or a mutton biryani every now and then.

4. Indians poop the “wrong way”

Er, it has been proven that the squatting position is best to facilitate bowel movements. Also, the bidet jet is actually is a much better and more hygienic alternative than toilet paper! Also, it’s like better for the trees…

5. We are all mighty religious

Just because you can find a temple on every corner doesn’t mean that all Indians are into praying and stuff. Some of us just don’t dig this whole God scene.

6. And we do yoga every day

Yeah, it might come off as a surprise to you, but Indians don’t wake up at 5 am and start stretching while overlooking the sunrise with greenery all around and perhaps a stream flowing nearby. That. Doesn’t. Happen.

7. We are all poor and uneducated in this underdeveloped country

While it’s true we aren’t the richest country around, but it’s not like ALL of us are broke. Some foreigners even find it surprising when they find out Indians have housemaids as they thought we wouldn’t be able to afford them.

8. Bollywood is an accurate representation of what all Indians are like

No, we do not just wake up in ethnic wear and heavy jewellery and randomly break out into dancing. You don’t see us hoping for aliens to attack America just ’cause that’s what it is like in Hollywood movies.

9. We love cows. Cow is amaze. Cow is Bae. Cow is BFF. Everyone has cow.

This may be true of some Indians but not all of us absolutely adore cows. Down in South India, it is common for Indians to consume beef. But yes, also beef ban. Gau rakshaks et al.

10. Also, we *heart* snakes

No, we ain’t snake-charmers either.

11. India = Rape

India has a huge number of reported sexual assaults, but we’re also like 1 billion people. If you look at the percentage, India is actually far from being Rape Central. It’s not like every Indian is a potential rapist!

(source: Quora)

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