The fourth Powerpuff girl has been 'leaked' and everyone is freaking out!

There have been three Powerpuff girls ever since the inception of the cartoon, but now, Cartoon Network has introduced a fourth Powerpuff girl.

Most 90s kids grew up watching the Powerpuff girls on Cartoon Network. The trio, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, were the face of girl power and their days of fighting crime (trying to save the world) in Townsville. But now, the times are a-changin’. Recently, Cartoon Network revealed that they will be introducing a fourth Powerpuff girl. The picture of a shadowed fourth Powerpuff went viral with some people demanding that they stick to the original trio. But, following an unexpected reveal, everyone started to sing a different tune.

In a Cartoon Network 2017 Reel video, the face of the fourth Powerpuff girl was revealed and from the looks of it, she’s taller, wears a purple dress, sports blue hair and has a darker skin colour. Originally, CN wanted to reveal the face of this new member with the premiere of Powerpuff Girls five part movie called “The Power of Four”. But, with the emergence of the video online before time, things did not go as expected.

While the name or the powers of this new Powerpuff girl has not been revealed yet, people are already kinda throwing Cartoon Network some love for not making her white.

Meanwhile, there are some other fans who are absolutely this “fourth” Powerpuff girl. No, they’re not racist, but they are actually saying this to honour Bunny, the actual fourth Powerpuff. Remember her?

Whatever be the case, we are just glad that the show is back with something new. Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four airs on September 17, 2017.

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