The Dress is old news, this apparently pink shoe has the Internet puzzled

The color of this ordinary sneaker is worth a million arguments. Consult your Ophthalmologists before you dive right in

Once upon a time there was a dress, nay, The Dress. It was 2015 and people were going berserk over the actual color of the dress. From angry debates to rants, everything was consumed by The Dress. Though people debated over the golden white dress, the actual hues were blueish black. But still, that dress was quite something as it divided the Internet and became a part of modern day folklore (as is obvious from this article). Fast forward to 2017 and a shoe is taking the Internet by storm. The color of the shoe is debatable unless you are the actual owner of that shoe. Sources say that the shoe first surfaced in a private Facebook group. But it has actually been making people on Twitter crazy about the real colors of the ordinary looking sneaker.

People were arguing, clearly on different sides of the story:

Someone sensed the suspicion of The Dress being disguised as The Shoe. Hmm, interesting…

Some were busy making fun

Others were wondering what everyone was smoking (a valid question y’all)

Some had different ways of selling their argument with 50 shades of the shoe

And before Twitterati could explode, someone finally solved the mystery for us:

Okay who was using Photoshop in class?

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