South Indian Masala vs North Indian Masala: Google throws up shockingly misogynistic results

When you look for "North Indian Masala" on Google, you get Indian spices but, try looking for "South Indian Masala" and you get...

For most of us culinary-challenged people, Google baba is the only messiah. Whether you want to cook a basic Masala Omelette or if you are confused about what spices you must add to ace that Chicken Curry of yours, online recipes are truly a godsend! But, what if what you are making is a Masala Rava Dosa or a Chicken Chettinad? You would assume you can still turn to online recipes for “South Indian Masala” as you would for North Indian recipes but, in this case, Google does not have your back.

Apparently, if you were to go to Google Search and look for “South Indian Masala”, your search results would come out as this:

South Indian Masala, North Indian Masala, Google Search

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Crazy, right? Who would have thought that “South Indian Masala” would take you to South Indian actresses! Now, obviously, after this unfortunate Google blunder, you would be curious to see if “North Indian Masala” will result in hot photos of Kangana Ranaut, Yami Gautam or Urvashi Rautela but, the answer would be a hard no. It is not even close. Here is what would throw up on your screens if you were to look for “North Indian Masala”:

South Indian Masala, North Indian Masala, Google Search

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Speechless? We are as well.

Is this what we have come down to? Reducing women to nothing but objects of sexual desire? If Google could do due diligence where North Indian masalas are concerned, is it too much to hope that they could have down the same for those down South? Moreover, it reiterates the God-awful objectification women in films (and otherwise) are subjected to. Not just ‘masala’ y’all. Women. Actual living, breathing creatures who deserve much more and much better than just your lasciviousness.

Next time you ever feel like brushing up on your culinary arts of South India, make sure you are not at work or worse, with family. And if you are, make sure to start a conversation about just why it’s wrong to view women the way these ‘masala loving’ fools do.

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