Some people think 'NEWS' is an acronym and we cannot help but facepalm

Apparently, some people thinking that "news" is an acronym for "notable events, weather, and sports" and they're facing the worst of Twitter.

As kids, we would get to hear plenty of BS but then we grew up and developed a sense of what’s logical and what is not. At least, that’s what most people assume. Apparently, we’re not as sensible as one would think. Recently, Twitter user Austin Steinmetz‏ (God help him) “figured out” that the word ‘news’ is an acronym and it has made us realise that Not Every Wight’s Smart.

As per Steinmetz‏, news stands for “notable events, weather, and sports.” Needless to say, he did not list a source to this new knowledge that he has stumbled upon.

First of all, wow! What an amazing find!

But, let’s not put all the blame on that one poor soul. There were others who ended up learning this totally legit info. ‘Cause, where else would you get to learn the language, right?

Thankfully, there were some sensible souls out there AND, some hilarious ones too.

But the best response of all had to come from the official Twitter handle of Merriam Webster’s dictionary.

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