Snakes on Plane just got real! Snake accidentally travels on a private jet to New Zealand

The Hollywood flick, "Snakes on plane" just got real! Here's what happened when a live snake hitched a ride to New Zealand

For people who are crazy scared of the slimy creepy reptiles that snakes are will agree that Hollywood flick, “Snakes on Plane” is what nightmare are made of. Also, what if we tell you that the movie, “Snakes on Planes” got way too real?

Aukland airport authorities recently welcomed a live snake that hitched a ride on a plane to New Zealand, a place that is devoid of snakes. Yep, New Zealand is not so snake-free now. Did we mention that the snake came all the way from Australia to New Zealand on a private jet?

Even though it is not clear the kind of snake it was, it is being assumed that it was a brown tree snake. It is believed that brown tree snakes are not as harmful to the human kind. However, the snake may not be a very good news to the bird population of New Zealand. “It appears the snake had crawled into the wheel housing of a private jet that arrived from Brisbane,” MPI Manager North Passenger Craig Hughes asserted.

A snake handler was rushed to the spot and captured the “unwanted stowaway.” Even though there is no confirmation to what they are going to do with the snake, it is being reported that the snake is likely to be euthanised. “We don’t have a snake population in New Zealand. Biosecurity officials are doing their best to make sure it stays that way,” said Hughes affirmed.