She made a 'date me' PowerPoint presentation for her crush. Microsoft swiped right

Microsoft Office and Lizzy Fenton - a better love story than Twilight.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For the planet, for the people and for those who’ve discovered the bottomless loveliness that is the web. Lizzy Fenton, is a voracious Twitter user whose bio doesn’t give us one whit of clear information about where she’s from. Or even her current city. It just bears this legend: ‘UMN | Genetics, Cell Biology & Development’, which is a part of the University of Minnesota.

Where she stays is however not as important as what she’s done. This (definitely, maybe) genetics student has impressed Microsoft with her PPT making skills. Remember those shady ‘Date a man who writes’, ‘Date a woman who travels’ blogs that were ever so popular a while ago. Lizzy’s PPT is along similar lines, only deeply personal because she’s not concerned about greater good here. She’s just a girl, sending a presentation to a boy, asking him to date her. With multiple, minutely detailed, graphic slides with footnotes to make it easy.

Using photographs of herself over the years, Lizzy tried to (very convincingly in our opinion) drive home the point that she’s ‘yugely’ dateable. Sadly, Carter did not agree. Too bad for him.

Microsoft Office however swiped right so hard, they even included a slide of their own to congratulate her.

Microsoft Office and Lizzy Fenton – a better love story than Twilight, TBH.