Sexist body-shamer gets brutally dragged in viral thread after offensive tweet

We know it is pretty darn easy to offend people on the internet, but some people just can't even TRY being nice, can they?

The internet should come up with its own rule book, all loaded with guidelines on how to conduct oneself while browsing the internet. It’s called having ‘common sense’, but still, it’s surprising how many people choose to steer clear of it. Yes, it is wayyyy easier to offend someone on the internet, but some people don’t even try, man. Like, do you really need to make an effort and be extra obnoxious and when you can offend somebody by merely existing on the web space. But, a man(child) must do what he’s been told not to.

So, recently this randomly unpleasant person posted a tweet addressing “girls with no ass,” asking them why they just walk past guys and “ruin their day.” Er, bro, last time we checked, it was not a woman’s job to be visually appealing to a man just for the heck of it.

The tweet was retweeted over 4,000 times and attracted a swarm of disgruntled Twitterati who took it upon themselves to teach this man a lesson. Somebody had to, right? Legit everyone was unwelcoming to this obnoxious person and they proceeded to take him down in a hilarious viral thread in unison. Here are some of the tweets:

Please guys. How about thinking before tweeting?

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