Sex robots may turn into killer machines? Twitter throws a hilarious fit

Trust humans to always keep coming up with newer, more innovative ways to commit murder. Sex robots... Like, seriously dude?

Ever since humanity started advancing with technology, there has been the looming threat of machines taking over the world. Heck, we even ended up making quite a successful film franchise on this. While Terminator still might take a couple of years to really happen to us, apparently, killer machines could very well be a reality. And we are not talking about just any killer machines here. We are talking about sex robots!

As per cyber security lecturer Dr Nick Patterson, sex robots are very likely to pull a full Terminator and start killing humans. However, it is not the artificial intelligence that is going to be a problem (phew!). Apparently, sex robots are very susceptible to hacking and could very easily be used for murder by someone with intent.

While speaking to Star Online, Patterson of Australia’s Deakin University stated that breaching the inner defenses of modern robots could be much easier for a hacker as compared to mobile phones. Reportedly, the bots run on operating systems not too different from the ones we tend to use every day. “Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs and other attached tools like knives or welding devices,” he said.

So, basically, if you’re in the possession of a sex robot, do not weaponise it. You don’t wanna be caught off-guard in the bedroom, do you?

Anyway, following the reports, Twitter reacted rather hilariously.

While it could be rather odd to be murdered by a sex robot, it is some way to go, right?

(source: Star Online)

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