Roti or naan? Twitter's debating over the best Indian bread and things are getting intense

Three journalists walk into a dhaba. The first one orders a roti. The second one goes for the naan. *riot ensues*

Every Indian struggles with the decision between that one perfect bread. Could it be the basic roti? Or is it the fancy naan? The question has baffled people for centuries. Now, it seems that the same question is muddling people across the world too. So, which is it? One brave adventurer, a journalist, has embarked on the journey to find that one bread which will rule them all.

Michael Safi, who is a South Asian correspondent for The Guardian, has run a poll to help settle this debate that is as old as time itself. The thing is, you need to help him out to find out the answer to this (No, this is not an episode of Dora The Explorer). “Indian food eaters, please help @Alex_Ogle @nickeperry and I settle an intense, vitally important argument over which is the #1 Indian bread,” Safi tweeted.

While Safi’s intention was quite pure-hearted, he hurt some Indian sentiments by only including rumali aside from roti and naan.  One Twitter user (that we are all low-key proud of) stood up for every minority flat bread community as she ranted on… for 140 characters.

It just seems that even this noble cause will not be able to bring peace to the valley of breads as every individual has their own preference. With loads of suggestions coming in every second, there is one thing we have learnt. There are way too many Indian flat bread and no, you can’t disregard even one.