Roasting chicken to making popcorn, this Chinese internet star uses office supplies to cook

The self-proclaimed "walking recipe from Mars" is China's latest Internet sensation as she creates elaborate meals using only office supplies

These are things that are unheard of making popcorn with a coke can in an office or using a pot of plant for cooking. But this is China’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself) office chef. Known by the stage name of Ms Yeah, this woman has become China’s newest internet star and we can’t help but wonder why. Videos of her cooking elaborate dishes with everyday office supplies is definitely an eye grabber. Watching her pop popcorn in a soda can and use her desk drawer with a light bulb as an oven and then watch her grill beef with an iron and you may say that you have seen it all. Ms Yeah has been cooking with her make-shift office kitchen for quite some time now, even before she began filming her ventures as online videos.

From cooking dumplings in a tea kettle she has come a long way. Her challenge is not the types of dishes she cooks, but how she cooks them. While she may be doing everyday Chinese dishes, Ms Yeah is introducing the world to alternatives to traditional cookware. She has gone to the extent of making utensils from scratch. For example, she made an egg beater out of a plastic bottle and even made instant noodles with knitting needles. Though the food surely seems enticing, we are unsure about what they would actually taste like.

Ms. Yeah has had her inbox flooded with commercial requests but she’s not interested in entering the showbiz right now. Internet celebrity is a big business in China. Businesses generated by internet celebrity, including revenues from viewership, advertising and sales of relevant products, has brought in a revenue of nearly $8.5 billion in 2016, which is way more than China’s box office in 2015, according to CBN Data (a Chinese commercial data company).

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Ms Yeah publishes one video per week and spreads it across her social media platforms but the fact that she is doing all of this in her actual office adds a different level of quirk to the videos. We are forced to question: Shouldn’t she be working? How is she not getting fired for making a stew in a shared water cooler? The food sure seems delicious and may even amount to food porn but they just seem to be becoming more ludicrous. Even her coworkers have been seen glancing over their shoulders in the videos as she goes about building ridiculous contraptions and lights actual fires on their office tables.

Thoughts? Would you like to work with someone like Ms Yeah around? (WE SAY YES)

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