Odisha girls dance to Prabhudeva's Muqabala, video gets 12 million views [Watch]

This dance video of girls from Odisha is going viral for all the right reasons

Have you experienced a dance number so mesmerising that you cannot take your eyes off the troupe? If yes, then you know the enthralling shake-a-leg scene and addictive beats which are absolutely bewitching, but if not, then you must watch this sizzling dance by a group of college girls in Odisha. The video was posted on YouTube by Rocks Odisha in January 2017 and is still trending with over 12 million viewers so far.

The performance initially starts with a girl flawlessly belly dancing to Prabhudeva’s famous Muqabala song from ‘Humse Hai Muqabala’. The solo number picks up the rave and turns into a dance fest as more students join in. The choice of songs are perfect and the choreography is skillfully done. The whole performance is so energetic that some point you’d want to shake a leg yourself. People are loving their performance and are ushering joyous comments. Check out the video:

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