7 real and hilarious reasons why Indians rejected arranged marriage proposals

Before setting up an arranged marriage, parents will double-check every physical feature, every kundali, or ancestral history before both sides swipe right.

The debate whether arranged marriages are to be preferred over love marriages does not have an end. Both of them have their pros and cons. While there is a definitive rise in the number of people opting for love marriages, it will be millennia before Indians will allow arranged marriage to be vanquished from our society. Parents want the best spouse for their kids and will double-check every physical feature, every kundali, every muharat or ancestral history before both sides swipe right and you get your perfect match.

However, more often than not, it just so happens that these arranged marriage proposals get rejected for the weirdest reasons, be it the “chaal-chalan” or “motapa bahut hain.” RJ Sukriti set out on a mission on the streets of Delhi to find out what these situations were where the match wasn’t made in heaven. Here are some of the reasons that were found to be worthy of rejecting a marriage proposal:

Apparently, if your feet aren’t curved, it is a bad omen and nobody wants that! So, yo feet ain’t flat, you can’t get married. Another reason was tattoos. Apparently, if you have a tattoo, you’re trying to hide a possible skin disease. And if you have a tattoo on your navel, then your character can certainly be brought into question.

One very absurd reason that a rishta got rejected was that the girl had friends, something the guy objected to. The man did not believe in having friends because his parents were his everything. Wow!

Another girl revealed that her guy asked her, “Do you get angry very easily?” Needless to say, she snapped and never spoke to her again. Guess her answer to that question was “yes” (not that that’s a problem).

One girl revealed that her marriage proposal fell in a dumpster when the to-be saas popped up the very important question- what do you do when while making aloo paranthas, the aloo falls out? *sigh*

By the way, did you know that applying black nail paint makes a girl “devilish”? Well, apparently, it does. A man talked about how his sister turned down a guy when he objected to her painting her nails black ’cause that’s too goth.

You can watch the full video here:

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