Queens of Comedy won't make you ROFL, but it will make you laugh with women for a change

When women decided to take the center stage with a pinch of humor, here is what happened next

“Imagine being told: You are just a girl. When you are dissing misses, you are dismissing half the world,” says one of the top 8 contestants of Queens of Comedy, the first ever comedy reality show set out to look for female standup comedians. Queens of Comedy is meant for female comics who are finally getting a platform to show their humorous sides without any preconceived notions bogging them down or society telling them that “Women aren’t funny!” While the show is working to bring out the funniest female comic, what it has done is spark a ray of hope in aspiring female comedians who have held themselves back at Open Mics because they were too afraid of “Log Kya Kahenge.” Judging them would be Kaneez Surka, known for her improv skills and sketches, Rohan Joshi, a guy who can put a smile on the

On the panel of judges sits the critically acclaimed Bollywood actress Richa Chadda, standup comedian Kaneez Surka, and Rohan Joshi of All India Bakchod fame.

From jokes on the female anatomy to their relationship status, Queens of Comedy is breaking the barrier of a boy’s only club which had an exclusive pass to mock their genitalia and the right to who can access it. No these unabashed women are speaking about their bodies and guess what? They are comfortable about it.

  1. Saadiya Ali, a 25-year-old from Chennai, the first to take the stage, had a very relatable piece on her singledom
  2. Anshita Kaul, 30-year-old from Jammu who is the self-proclaimed first ever Youtuber from J&K who talks about living away from your parents and the crazy conversations you have with them over the phone
  3. Urooj Ashfaq, 22-year-old from Mumbai talks about how non-violent protests are basically mulch unless you have an audience and she takes a dig or two at Gandhi’s form or protesting, but hush, no one saw it
  4. Dwijal Mehta, a 26-year-old from Mumbai talks about the pressure of getting married, annoying pre-wedding photoshoots and over-the-top bachelor parties
  5. Niveditha Prakasam, a 28-year-old from Chennai who talks about public transport, invading private spaces in local buses and love stories from the bus that are basically every tamil movie ever
  6. Jhansi Dramaqueen, a 21-year-old girl from Kolkata, who wrote a song impersonating her father at the age of 60 and disliking everything that the younger generations did (basically every father ever right?) From Cow protection to emojis she talks about the future country India might just be
  7. Ayushi Jagad from Pune is a 25-year old who speaks on dating, being judgemental and worrying about your body image
  8. Surbhi Bagga, a 24-year-old from Ghaziabad, who talks about times when she thinks her friends are basically TV serials

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Verdict Time: While the show in itself is a huge step towards addressing the gender gap in our comedy space, it still is only warming up to the idea of humor from a female perspective. The only thing I felt that too many b-shots of the audience feigning laughter was not necessarily required, those who want to laugh will laugh right along anyway. The pilot wasn’t as power-packed as we expected it to be, but here is hoping for some witty adventures as the show proceeds.

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