PM Narendra Modi receives a special welcoming gift from Israel - WATCH

Israel extends a heart-warming video of citizens welcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of his trip to their country. Watch video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be famous for a lot of things, but the one constant that has always been the highlight of his tenure is his international trips. Recently, he became the first foreign minister to grace the White House dinner with President Donald Trump during which we witnessed lots of bear hugs and handshakes. Netherlands, too, welcomed him with opened arms and the Dutch PM tweeted a heart-warming message in Hindi which went viral for its (ahem!) ‘spacing’ issues.

The Israelis too extended their token of welcoming wishes with the sweetest gesture. So, ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the country on July 4, the Israeli embassy tweeted a beautiful video welcoming the Indian PM. In the video, many Israeli citizens are seen welcoming PM Modi in Hindi.

The video is remarkably fun to watch as Israelis sportingly display their Hindi speaking prowess with some complex Hindi terms. One man says, “Bharat aur Israel ke sambandho mein vriddhi ho aur wo mazboot bane”. 

Indians are definitely moved by this sweet gesture and extended a thank you to the Israel embassy for such a heart-warming welcome of their Prime Minister.

Our Prime Minister, too, retweeted to the beautiful welcoming video:

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