PM Modi's photo turns into viral meme yet again, because Internet

When Modi has the perfect raw material, why would social media search elsewhere for potential meme content?

PM Narendra Modi went to China for the 9th BRICS summit last week in Xiamen and it was here that he had to sit through a lot of long speeches from world leaders. The particular speech that gave us this week’s viral meme was: Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries. Well, easy to see why.

Sitting through lectures and speeches can be difficult, y’all. Not just for you, but even for our prime minister. And seriously, who cannot identify with the existential crisis that suddenly takes over your soul when speeches get too long and boring for comfort? Every once in a while an image of the PM becomes a meme that then promptly goes viral, and the ‘day-dreaming’ photo is no different.

The image, which belongs to Associated Press, was shared by the media agency and was then picked up for the troll brigade in our country, and in their able hands we get the pretty fantastic – Spaced Out Modi Meme.

Here are some of the best reactions to the photo:

When your World Tour plans seem dicey:

When demonetisation is your favorite caller tune

And someone wanted to point out the frequent foreign trips. Guys, please, there is no such thing as “too-much-jet-lag”

When the Champions Trophy final still pinches your heart:

And the whole Aadhar thing wasn’t winning him any trophies

And a classic feeling of the lost slipper from Cinderella. (P.S. Don’t we all hate it when that happens)

But this one chap decided to root for Modi over the clutter:

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Twitter, how so funny?

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