Photos: Stop press! Looks like Arnab Goswami just posed for a men's lifestyle magazine

'I'm neither Aaptard, nor Congi nor Sanghi. I am Arnab Goswami'

Hello world. Today in what-did-I-just-watch, we bring you the iconic photoshoot of the soft-spoken, totally chill ex-Editor-in-chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami. For those who’ve just woken up from a mighty deep slumber, the former anchor of The Newshour – Arnab Goswami – has been away from the public ever since he quit the channel in November 2016, to start his own venture, Republic TV.

For all these months, Goswami, who is known for leaving his talk show guests speechless and his viewers deaf, had left the nation wanting to know his whereabouts. But we got zilch. Till this morning, of course. Today is a good day. A great day. A day we may never ever ever ever see again.

For today Goswami made a comeback in sideburns, a 70s hairdo, and pinstriped suit. Who would have thought we’d ever see Arnab Goswami posing for a men’s luxury lifestyle magazine, let alone smile like he no longer cares about TRPs. The headline running on the cover of the magazine along with the newly dapper Arnab is this legend: I’m neither Aaptard, nor Congi nor Sanghi. I am Arnab Goswami.

Probably makes for a very interesting read. In a meantime, do take a moment out from your busy schedule to gape at this:

The silence is deafening, no?

Pose goals, TBH.

What is this sorcery? The nation wants to know

CANNOT DEAL. Why is nobody yelling yet? Is this a trick?