Photos: Is there such a thing as Goth ice cream? Shut up and take my money

Could we PLEASE bring goth ice cream to India?

For those with a goth fixation, there is now an ice cream that’s as black as your soul and you’ll want to lay your hands on a cone for sure. An ice cream parlour in Los Angeles sells dark, charcoal-coloured ice cream (Goth ice cream, if you will) which looks weird and amazing at the same time. The flavours sold in Little Damage range from Oreo to almond charcoal and going by the reaction some of the customers, it is definitely worth a visit.

Now for the most important question – is it available in India? No. Not yet. Primarily because we do not deserve good things, also because we are too busy fighting over the list of things morally okay to eat to come up with such a fun concept. Okay, alright. Maybe calling it ‘fun’ is a bit much, but it’s innovative nonetheless. Cannot believe the entire world is currently losing their collective minds over unicorn frappacinos, unicorn macaroons and unicorn what-have-you-not, when they can talk about goth ice creams. Because what’s not to like here?

My inner Poe approves of this black beauty:

I found a ice-cream which matches my soul #blacklikemysoul #gothicecream #lmao

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What is this black magic?

Is this what my soul looks like?

All everyday, always #coconutash #gothicecream

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What can we do to speed up the process of bringing this to India?

Take moniez, give ice creamz

Time to do a @little.damage almond charcoal, unicorn tears & vegan mango sticky rice topped with crushed Oreos.

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Literally the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today

Such lovely. Much wow.

These hot summers #gothicecream #black #oreo #allblack #blackcraft

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Dark is beautiful

Tastes so good to be bad indulge at @Little.Damage #LittleDamage #AlmondCharcoal

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Would you love a goth ice cream or is this a no-no? Tell us in the comment box below.